Pawan Gulati’s thesis on Alzheimer’s & Dementia to be published in Medical Journal.

Hospitality & Senior Living Properties Inc is honored to announce Founder & CEO Pawan Gulati has been selected to publish a thesis in the Medical Journal outlining the beneficial impact of Meditation and Yoga on the brain. The thesis is set to summarize how meditation can impact chemicals in the brain to slow aging, increase memory function, restore brain function which is lost over time, and increase vitality in seniors.

The brain and how we use it to experience life play's an very important role in the aging of our seniors says Pawan Gulati of HSLP Inc. "There are very few seniors that can say their body gave up before their mind. Most of the time their mind starts to deteriorate and their body soon follows. However we have noticed in a study of seniors practicing daily meditation and light yoga, not only does their mind begin to sharpen, their body soon follows."

A quote from the articles states Gulati has witnessed first hand in senior living communities how residents are impacted by what type of environment they are in, what they are putting in their system, what kind of lifestyle they are living, and how the type of care they receive has an overall impact on their well being".

Alzheimer and Dementia is a very extensive topic quotes Gulati, however after spending endless hours with seniors that have these conditions, he noticed there are many underlying factors that can either be altered, prevented or decreased. In his own words, "I've had a normal conversation and relationship with an Alzheimer and Dementia senior, who to others seemed completely incoherent. Why was this seniors response and interaction with me so different to other caregivers? Is this something we as caregivers can capitalize on? What can we expose them to that can allow their coherence to become forefront and their mental deterioration put at a stand still?

A digital copy of the full thesis will be available in the coming days followed by a paperback copy.