Assisted Living, Michigan

  • Partnered with two Assisted Living communities.
  • Sold within 12 months of opening, at 100% occupancy.
  • 98 Units (2 Locations) ALF, IL with Memory Care.
  • One site was approved for 20 more units and the other site was approved for 14 more units.
  • Sold April 2018
  • $145k per unit.

Assisted Living, FL

  • Converted a 70 Room 4-story Hotel into an Assisted Living Facility.
  • Obtained 110 Bed AHCA Assisted Living License with Limited Nursing Service.
  • Acquired an adult day care facilities clientele (20+ Clients).
  • Successfully obtained a Long Term Care Medicaid contract.
  • Obtained a local county contract for Adult Day Care.
  • Managed all staff, admissions, operations, residents clinical and admin, food and beverage, digital and paper marketing and financials.

Motel, East Coast FL

  • Converted a 60 Room Motel 6 into an Independent Brand motel.
  • Created direct motel website for online reservations.
  • Eliminated Online Travel Agencies through Search Engine Optimization and other advertising.
  • Developed new motel concept including logo and design.
  • Completed full interior renovations.
  • Managed all staff, vendors, laborer's, admin, housekeeping, and financials.

Our Projects

HSLP Inc is actively involved in many health care and elderly care projects globally including but not limited to , assisted living, memory care, independent living, retirement homes, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and adult day care.

In addition to these projects we are sustainability involved in the hotel industry ranging from independent hotels to franchise branded hotels. HSLP Inc maintains a strong relationship with all hotel franchise companies.

As an alternative our company engages in retail and grocery plaza's.

Our involvement with these projects entails acquisitions, dispositions, project management, marketing, advisory and construction.

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We value our relationships and look forward to working with our global clientele and partners.